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What sets us apart from other mediators?

We offer a low-cost divorce process

The typical cost of an attorney-led non-litigated divorce in New Jersey can be over $25,000.  Using a mediator can cut that number down significantly. You can go straight to a mediator who can walk you through the entire negotiation process until you are ready to sign an agreement and file in court.  You can also use a mediator while still retaining your attorney for advice throughout the process.  We offer lots of options to get you through the process as cost effectively as possible.

We are professional mediators, not attorneys  

Some couples prefer not to work with attorneys for a variety of reasons. While we are not attorneys, we are fully trained in New Jersey's legal statutes for divorce mediation. We can bring you through the process of divorce with expertise, information and work with your attorney, if necessary.

We are accredited by a governing body

Not all mediators are created equal. Elle has earned the distinction of "APM" which is an Accredited Professional Mediator as determined by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. This means she has been recognized for her professional expertise, continuing education and commitment to the field.

We are focused on family first

If children are involved, we believe in setting the needs of the children as the number 1 priority in any divorce mediation. Not only does it ensure that the needs of the children are addressed, but it also creates a focus for decision making.

We are creative

Mediation is a creative process that allows couples to come up with solutions that meet their family’s specific needs. The legal standards are used as important guidelines, but mediation allows for lots of flexibility. Rave and Roulhac are out of the box thinkers who can help couples create and design solutions that work for them.

We are problem-solvers

In mediation, couples can have a great deal more control over the speed of the process and development of solutions. In order to facilitate this, we give homework and require transparency. We have a step-by-step process to guide couples beginning with intake through parenting time, equitable distribution, spousal support and other issues. Agenda setting for each session also helps keep us moving in a forward direction.

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"Elle has a lot of experience in the divorce process. Navigating this terrain for the first time, you need a good coach who can answer questions. She was especially helpful in preparing me for meetings with my attorney and making sure I understood my options."

— Patricia S

Mediation sessions are now being held in person as well as virtually
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