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We are proud to announce that Elle Rave, APM is joining Edens Law Group in Chester, NJ  as a family and divorce mediator. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in New Jersey Family Law, Edens Law Group is one of the most prestigious boutique law firms in the state. Edens offers comprehensive services in family law including divorce, estate planning, pre-nuptial agreements, family mediation, domestic violence, child support, child custody and adoption. With a reputation for successful mediation, Edens will now expand their family mediation services by providing both attorney mediators as well as a non-attorney Accredited Professional Mediator. Follow this link to find Elle Rave, APM, at Edens Law Group:  

Family and Divorce Mediation

At Rave and Roulhac, we recognize how difficult separating or divorcing your spouse or partner can be.  Making major financial and parenting decisions while feeling mentally, emotionally, and financially compromised can be a recipe for disaster.  But more and more families in New Jersey are turning to mediation for a more family-friendly alternative. Perhaps even your attorney has mentioned mediation.

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Mediation can be an excellent choice for couples who need to separate but desire an active and cooperative co-parenting relationship.  Finding an unbiased mediator who you can trust, can help facilitate cooperation throughout the divorce process.  Couples who come out the other side can transform their relationship into one of mutual respect. This is not only healthy for the couple, but extremely beneficial for the children as well.

Elle Rave helps couples stay focused on the needs of the children while determining how to share time with the children and distribute financial assets. Our goal is to help couples transition into a relationship where they can continue to work together to raise their children in strength and love. We strive to assist couples in designing an equitable distribution of assets such that each can maintain an individual household. 

If you are like most of our clients, you have never gone through a divorce before and have a great deal of questions. We offer a free half hour consultation to help alleviate concerns and provide information so that you can make an informed decision on how best to move forward for your family. 

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about mediation. And give us a call with your questions. We stand ready to assist you.

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"Elle has a lot of experience in the divorce process. Navigating this terrain for the first time, you need a good coach who can answer questions. She was especially helpful in preparing me for meetings with my attorney and making sure I understood my options."

— Patricia S

Mediation sessions are now being held in person as well as virtually
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