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  • Genesis Liu, Mediator

January 2021 (Gather Important Documents)

Each of us have felt the effects of 2020 one way or another. Gladly enough, we are entering a new year.

This is the perfect time to start gathering and organizing important paperwork pertaining to the children.

Each parent in a divorce or separation has the right to have copies of the children’s important information. This would include copies of birth certificate, social security card, school records and class schedule, up-to-date immunization and medical records, insurance information, and who claims the children on tax returns (very important information to have).

Many times, parents in the middle of a breakup may not provide information to the other parent for a variety of reasons (keep in mind all situations are different). But imagine the consequences and financial burden you, and the children can face in the future by not having or knowing certain information!

When you are ready for mediation, or for everyday family matters, you will be comfortable and confident that all relevant information pertaining to the children is in your possession.

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