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Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Divorce, or unmarried parents who are in the middle of a break up are going through an emotional process, especially when children are involved. 


My goal is to offer mediation services to diverse communities and families who wish to resolve their disputes, and control the process and outcome in private with a neutral and impartial mediator. 

I will first focus on resolving childcare issues by helping parties come to a mutual agreement.

At the conclusion of a successful mediation, I will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding reflecting the agreements that have been reached.  The memorandum is not-a-contract and is not to be signed by you.  The terms in the Memorandum of Understanding will not be binding unless, and until they are set forth in a contract prepared by parties attorneys and signed by both parties, or otherwise made binding by the parties.

I will direct each party to consult with separate attorneys, and their own accountant prior to distributing the Memorandum of Understanding, which will reflect all of the agreements reached during mediation.

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