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Parenting Time Schedules

Our biggest and most valuable investment are our children. 

Give them the opportunity to know and explore both sides of the family, so they can carry it on. 

Let's help shape their future...​   G. Liu

Its been far known that a child is usually raised by the mothers after ending a relationship with the child's father.

The importance of having both parents in a child's life is just as great as providing financial support.

My focus is assisting parents in coming up with an agreeable parenting schedule that best serves the children and all involved.

My personal experience was not knowing who my father was. This is why I chose to help parents resolve parenting issues.

Health is one of the most important reasons why children should be involved and know both parents.  After 50 years, I took a DNA test.  I never knew who my father was.  I was born to parents who were not married to each other, a “love child/illegitmate”. Through my years, I did not know what to tell doctors when they asked what runs on your father's side of the family.  After discovering my newlyfound family, I was surprised to learn that I share the same health history, and many common traits.  Fortunately, this is not your children's story.   You are on the right path in choosing mediation, especially if your children are young. 

If you have parenting time issues, try and work it out with the other parent first. If it does not work, you may want to pursue mediation. However, if mediation is not an option, you may need to return to court.  Parents can be found in contempt of court for not complying with the settled agreement or court order. 

In our sessions, you will be reminded that parenting time, as well as financial support is crucial for the children. 

Parents should not bad talk each other to or around children.  Working on a peaceful and cordial relationship helps children. 


Why go through the embarassment of dragging your children, reputation and money on attorney's fees through the system when you can resolve parenting time issues yourself with a professional family mediator?  Mediation is less hostile, less confrontational format for resolving family disputes.

Keep it personal...

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