Divorce Coaching

As a separate practice, I am also offering divorce coaching to individuals who are not our mediation clients.


What is divorce coaching?

Divorce coaching is like having a mentor assist you through the divorce process. You cannot make good decisions without good information. Most clients have never gone through a divorce, so they don’t know what they don’t know.


Whether you are involved in litigation, mediation or simply trying to decide if and how to proceed, you need information and guidance on what options are available. 


Here is where a coach can be helpful:


  • understanding the divorce process,

  • reviewing your options,

  • preparing for mediation,

  • assisting in attorney selection,

  • providing a sounding board for ideas,

  • creating agendas for meetings,

  • providing resources,

  • recommending expert professionals, and more.


Having a skilled confidant who can help you navigate these waters successfully can make all the difference.  Plus having the aid of a divorce coach to help you focus on what’s important and answer some quick questions can be far less costly than the many incidental phone calls to an attorney.

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